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LoudCell is a technology startup providing energy monitoring and analysis of diesel generators and electrical loads. The robust technology platform has been developed in the eco-system of IoT (Internet of Things) providing intelligent business analytics for the DG power generation and consumption.

LoudCell solution cuts diesel consumption cost and reduces operational expenses. Our innovative solution is focused on:

  1. reducing diesel wastage in DGs,
  2. improving power generation efficiency,
  3. tracking diesel pilferage
  4. providing 24 X 7 MIS relating to diesel filling, reconciliation and consumption as well as units of power generated
  5. tracking all electrical loads – their power consumption, power factor etc. This provides energy reconciliation and monitoring.

All the above is displayed on a single User-friendly dashboard for multiple DGs/Electrical loads across multiple sites remotely on a real time basis.

LoudCell is solving a critical problem with large social impact. LoudCell’s solution directly helps in saving energy and has significant impact on environment.

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